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The People of Green Collect


The People of Green Collect


Sally Quinn & Darren Andrews – Executive Directors & Co-Founders

Sally and Darren started Green Collect just over ten years ago, creating a social enterprise organisation that cares deeply for people and the planet. From its inception, Sally and Darren have worked to create inclusive workplaces while building a business model that delivers effective and creative solutions to some of our biggest environmental challenges.

The model they have created clearly expresses their belief that businesses can be run in authentically inclusive ways, while addressing issues of great concern through innovation and teamwork. 

Green Collect Staff

Pictured below are the members of staff who make up our leadership teams. We would like to acknowledge the many staff members and program participants not pictured, who work in our warehouse, in our collections service and in our retail stores. Without the hard work of these valued team members, operations would grind to a halt. 

Green Collect Leadership Team

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Our leadership team isn't stuck in head office but love bringing our different skills in social work, sustainability, business and education to the hands-on, every day work of Green Collect.

Collections and Customer Service


It's hands on in the warehouse – the engine room of the enterprise, where the team roll up their sleeves to sort each item and identify its pathway.

Upcycle, Reuse and Retail Services


This is where resources go back out for their next life; re-use through our retail channels, recycling in our studio and retailed through our shops and online store.

Customers and Partners

We value the input of everyone we deal with and we’re passionate about involving people as much as possible throughout the Green Collect process.

Our Impact

We’re passionate about change and transformation, and we’re not just talking about the materials we collect and repurpose. We’re dedicated to transforming attitudes and values too.







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About Green Collect

About Green Collect

We are a passionate, dedicated and diverse team who love what we do and bring our unique skills together to make a big impact for environmental and social change. From our beginnings in 2005 we have believed in the importance of creating supportive and inclusive workplaces. For many of us, Green Collect feels like a big extended family. 

Within our team we have a vast array of unique abilities and talents but we all work for the same goal – to use our skills and energy to respond to environmental and social problems in ways that are creative, innovative and practical.

While we have a “roll up your sleeves” attitude in the way we go about our work, we are also business savvy and know how to help companies, organisations and individuals develop sustainable and genuine social and environmental practices which enable them to be part of the solution instead of the problem. 

We tackle complex problems and create change that has a lasting impact

Our business is an ecosystem, a circular economy where goods are donated or collected, repurposed, recycled, upcycled and sold back into the community. That’s why we hold our customers and community in such high regard; we couldn’t do this without them. You are a vital part of our system!

We love interacting with our community and having operated in Melbourne’s West for many years we are proud to be a part of the vibrant tapestry of this diverse, close-knit community. There is something very special about a place that seamlessly integrates industry and community – this reflects our business model beautifully so it’s no wonder we feel at home.   

Green Collect is about much more than just picking up materials and taking them away to a different coloured bin.

As well as providing services to the corporate sector and local community, we also operate training and employment programmes that give people who may not usually have access the chance to develop new practical skills in sustainability, business and social equity. We do all of this because we believe in developing an effective, passionate and well-connected supply chain that creates sustainable, positive impact for business, community, people and the planet.

It’s one thing to have a job; to be able to do work that makes a difference is another thing entirely.